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-What is your man’s name?
-How long have you known each other?
Almost 2 years…
-What color are his eyes?
Pretty Brown
-Where did you first meet your man?
Richard’s house… before I moved in.
-Were you friends before you dated?
In a way, yes. But it progressed beyond friendship fairly quickly.
-Where did you go on your 1st date?
Had a movie date @ my place… We watched this movie on Netflix called “Cash Back”.
-Do you remember what you wore or he wore on your 1st date?
Nah lol… We probably both had on basketball shorts.
-Most fun date you two have been on?
I had a shitload of fun at Blue Bayou… before he got too scared of the rides.
-Do you go on more alone or group dates?
Alone… he doesnt like most of my friends for some reason.
-Who usually pays for the date?
I guess I do most of the time…
-What does your man do to make money?
“Goes to work” lol
-Do you normally date older or younger guys?
I usually keep it close to my age.
-How was your first kiss?
Awesome. We were both a little under le influence… *plays “Drunk in Love” by Beyonce*
-Did he use any cheesy lines?
Nah lol. He has no game.
-How long have ya’ll been together?
1.75 years.
-When did you meet his parents?
I met them both seperately. His dad probably doesnt really remember my face, but about 8 months into the relationship.
-Who said, “I love you” first?
-What was the first thing he gave you?
A very sweet love letter. I always have it with me in my backpack. :)
-What’s the most expensive thing he’s given you?
I think it was my promise ring… that I mistakenly broke.
-What does he call you?
He used to call me “Sweet Thang”, but now its usually just bae… or boy.
-How well does he know you?
Ive told him pretty much everything about me… I dont know how much of it stuck.
-How well do you know him?
I think I know him pretty well, though I feel like I’m still learning about him every day. He’s not exactly the most open person in the world.
-Do you know any of his ex’s?
Not really.
-Is he friends with any of his ex’s?
Not that I know of… but he’s never really given too many of their names. They usually all have the title of “this nigga I used to fuck with”.
-What is his favorite thing to do?
-What is one thing that really annoys him?
He doesnt like hearing about anything in my life that happened before him.
-Are you happy?
I believe so. Sometimes it can be rough, but I know where my heart is.
-Do your parents like him?
Well… They dont DIsLikE him. Lol
-Is he the best kisser out of all that you’ve kissed?
Lol yeah. I dont even really remember how it feels to kiss anyone else.
-What does he do that gives you butterflies?
I get butterflies whenever he does something out of the ordinary.
-Have you ever gotten into a fight?
Almost everyday lol. But I love him.
If so what was it over?
We’ve fussed about everything… from money to kim kardashian to exes to instagram. Lol I try to tell myself that its normal.
-How many kids does he want to have?
Im not 100% sure, but I always imagined having three…
-What is your best memory together?
That’s tough. Lol… so many. I guess the most important one would be the day we met. I still remember it very well.
-Have you talked about a future together?
All the time… sometimes negatively, but most of the time positively. Lol